A New Knight

Updated: Oct 31

January 20 2018 on the outskirts of a small town of Bellville Texas population of 4000 stands a castle in which a ceremony will soon take place. At 6:00 pm on this peaceful Saturday evening three sergeants of the OSMTJ Knights Templar of America are about to receive their Accolade of Knighthood.55 year old Sergeant Rick Trujillo (one of the three) will soon be Sir Rick Trujillo Knights Templar.After the opening prayer and service SGT Trujillo sits at the 30 ft long oak table along with the other Knight aspirants and guests waiting for his time to be called.

While waiting at the long oak table SGT Trujillo remembers back to the year 1971 at the age of 8 years when he was in bible school hearing tales of the famous Knights Templar.One of the stories he remembers most is The Battle of Montgisard when the brave Knights Templar assisted King Baldwin lV "King of Jerusalem" to battle the AYYUBID Sultan Saladin.

The Battle of Montgisard was fought between the Ayyubids and the Kingdom of Jerusalem on 25 November 1177.

The time arrived and Sergeant Trujillo was called, He stood up straightened his black suit jacket and adjusted his white gloves then proceeded to walk to the front of the chapel. Once he arrived to the head of the chapel he stood directly in front of his Prior who then in turn asked him to kneel. Nervously he bent down on his right knee and bowed his head answering the questions and promising to keep to the Templar vows. Then he felt the touch of the priors sword on his right shoulder, then the left shoulder and finally the top of his head then his white mantle with the red cross of the Knights Templar was placed on his shoulders and heard his prior say "Rise a Knight" Standing up and given a huge embrace of welcome to Knighthood & Congratulations from his prior he was then told to turn around. Looking somewhat puzzled at his priors request (as this was never done before) now Sir Trujillo turned around and discovered that his own 9 y/o daughter had draped him. "He asked his daughter "Did You Drape Me?" with a big beautiful smile she nodded her head and said "yes sir" with that said Sir Trujillo reached out his arms and gave his daughter a big hug. Then the water works began as at this moment a little 8 y/o's dream of becoming a Knights Templar had come to fruition and the best part was having his own daughter place his mantle on him; well you couldn't ask for a better surprise. After the final knighting was performed the prior gave a short inspirational speech and everyone adjourned to the feast hall to celebrate the new Knights of Christ. Sir Trujillo has since gone on to become priory Turcopolier in 2 OSMTJ priory's, served as priory secretary in the priory of St Gabriel & the priory of St Benedict. Served as Knight Commander in the priory of St Benedict with the command over the commandery of St Pedro Calungsod. He organized the purchase and donation of 120 new bibles between the priory's of St Benedict and St Polycarp to the newly acquired Christ Castle Church the new headquarters of the OSMTJ Knights Templar of America.

Christ Castle Church N Canaan Ct

The first Knights Templar flag (Baucent) was attached to the church's flag pole by Sir Trujillo.

Bell Tower at Christ Castle Church

Finally reaching the rank of Master Commander and given command of his own priory in which he named The Priory of Saint Helena; this knight of Christ now has command over 3 commanderies within the Templar Order. In November of 2019 Master Commander Sir Rick Trujillo was awarded a second command, The Priory of Saint Benedict which contains 4 commanderies and the country of Greece. Sir Trujillo is currently the Vice President of Operations within the Templar Academy of America and is the creator of Templar Knights Music an internet based music website & Christian music stream which has been endorsed by the Order of the O.S.M.T.J. In June of 2019 Sir Trujillo received the Medal of Merit awarded by the order of the Knights Templar. On June 6, 2020 Master Commander Sir Rick Trujillo received his promotion to the rank of Prior for the Priories of Saint Benedict and Saint Helena within the Order of the OSMTJ Knights Templar. After completing his very first investiture and Investing 7 new Knights of Christ into the order; His investiture was the very first to be virtual as this was the time of the covid-19 pandemic. On August 22, 2020 Prior Ricky Trujillo presided over the OSMTJ St Louis/Asia investiture knighting 3 new Templar Knights & promoting 2 new Sergeants in Hong Kong which are the very first Asian Knights in Templar History. Now lets not forget his little beloved daughter as she has been a page in 2 former priories and is currently a page in her fathers priories of St Benedict & St Helena. She know has 9 Knight Drapings and 2 Sergeant Drapings. As far as her future goes she in turn will become a fine Knight.

Update: On July 2 2021 During the 2021 OSMTJ Combined Priories Investiture held in the beautiful Loretto Chapel located in Santa Fe N.M. Sir Trujillo's Daughter was promoted to the position of Squire. On August 2 2021 Sir Trujillo received his promotion to Grand Inculator of the OSMTJ Templar Academy of America. On October 5 2021 Sir Trujillo was promoted to Vice Grand Secretary of the OSMTJ Knights Templar of America.