City of David and Hezekiah’s Tunnel In Jerusalem

Updated: Mar 28

The City of David Archaeological Site - The Real Ancient Jerusalem

When Jerusalem was preparing defenses against the approaching Assyrian army in the 8th century B.C.E., King Hezekiah decided to protect the water source by diverting its flow deep into the city with an impressive tunnel system. "It was Hezekiah who stopped up the spring of water of Upper Gihon, leading it downward west of the City of David; Hezekiah prospered in all that he did." (II Chronicles 32:30)

This engineering feat was accomplished by digging a 1,750-foot (533 meter) tunnel into the mountain. An ancient stone carving found near the entrance describes the incredible operation.

Today, trekking through Hezekiah’s Tunnel in knee-high water and learning about its history is a highlight for visitors to Jerusalem.

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