In a former church of Ventimiglia celebrated the 900th anniversary of the Knights Templar

Updated: Mar 28

The event was organized by the Grand Priory of the Principality of Monaco and was attended by several foreign delegations, especially European.

Dozens of "crusaders" cloaks packed in the afternoon the former church of San Francesco, in Ventimiglia, in the province of Imperia, on the occasion of the first General Ecumenical Chapter of the Ordre du Temple de Jerusalem, open to the public, to celebrate the nine hundred years of Knights Templar.

"It was an opportunity to meet and find ourselves in the spirit of brotherhood that inspires us, and celebrate the nine hundred years of our glorious Order - explains the Grand Prior Magistral of Monaco, Domizio Cipriani - and to examine together the proposals concerning the activities of benefits we sustain in the territory ".

The General Ecumenical Chapter of the Ordre opened at 14. In the afternoon there was also the investiture of the new horsemen "Eques del Tempio". Cipriani continues: "In the evening, moreover, a charity gala dinner will be held in a restaurant in the hamlet of Latte, also in Ventimiglia.The purpose of the meeting, in fact, will be the fundraising to help the Green Cross Intemelia of Ventimiglia and l Soupe de Nuit association of Montecarlo, which distributes hot meals to the poor people of Menton and Nice every Thursday evening ".

A bit of history of the order. "The ordre des Templiers de Jerusalem - explains Cipriani - is a non-governmental organization, authorized by the Monarchy, is based in the Principality of Monaco, and is registered at the Ecosoc of the United Nations, supported by the Anglican Church. humanitarian aid and the dissemination of millennial knowledge through its own academy and the social studies center located in the Principality of Monaco ".

And then: "The order has no political or religious purposes and has no ties with other self-proclaimed pseudo Templar associations, except for the purpose of external collaboration". He concludes: "At the world meeting of the former church of San Francesco the current high members of the high magisterium who wrote the history of the order participated."

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